CriticalBlue To Present at AnDevCon 2014

Achieving App Performance Gains with 64-bit Android

CriticalBlue’s class will cover early experiences with the transition to 64-bit computing on Android, focusing on the available Intel 64-bit hardware and Linux kernels. We will start with an overview of 64-bit support within the Android architecture, especially the runtime system and the coincident transition to Ahead-Of-Time Java compilation with ART. We’ll then highlight new 64-bit architectural capabilities and benefits, how they are already leveraged in Android, and ways to exploit them in your apps. We’ll correlate activities from high-level Java programming down through detailed instruction and data flow to uncover the true root causes of observed performance surprises, so you can quickly understand your own application’s activities and take appropriate action. We show you how to use 64-bit enabled tools to understand your app performance in depth. 64-bit can shift the tradeoffs between Java and native code. We’ll also demonstrate ways to get the absolute best from the NDK compiler using Intel platform examples and show you how to minimize the cost of transitioning between Java and native code using JNI. Working examples will deepen your skills so you can reuse these techniques to continually optimize performance as Android’s 64-bit runtime technologies mature.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 20th, 9:00 am – 10:15 am

More details about Richard Taylor & Skip Hovsmith’s class at AnDevCon 2014.