CriticalBlue at ARM TechCon 2013

Optimizing user experience for a new Android device launch or midlife upgrade requires tradeoffs in performance, responsiveness, and power efficiency. Do you want smooth, high-frame-rate graphics? Fast browser performance? A responsive camera? Longer battery life? In what proportion? Users demand ever-increasing scores on popular performance benchmarks. What if this hurts user experience? Should you exploit a multicore race condition found in a popular benchmark for a better score? Knowing how a device’s hardware resources operate enables you to determine which optimizations to make in Android system libraries, Dalvik VM, and key applications code. Follow the analysis techniques, optimizations, and decisions made for a new Android device launch. For both platform and application developers, understanding the operational hot spots and the engineering tradeoffs leads to important insights.

Listen to Skip Hovsmith of CriticalBlue speak at ARM TechCon on Thursday, October 31 2013.