CriticalBlue Enhances Performance Optimization Capabilities for Mobile Android and Embedded Linux

CriticalBlue recently announced the release of Prism 3.5. Prism, an award-winning development tool and part of CriticalBlue’s partnership program for mobile Android and embedded Linux products, is used by developers to gain deep insight into platform operation across multiple layers of software and hardware.

Performance optimization features enhanced in the Prism 3.5 release include easier tracing of Android applications, improved localization and structural inference during data flow access tracking, more precise identification of poor data access patterns during cache access optimization, and faster trace loading for multicore what-if thread analysis and race detection.

CriticalBlue works with platform providers and application developers to bring new phones, tablets, and other embedded products to market or to extend the lifetime of existing products as measured by representative benchmark scores and the usability of key applications. CriticalBlue does this by optimizing core libraries, virtual machines, and operating system services, leveraging the unique characteristics of the underlying hardware architecture and resources for efficient operation.

One of CriticalBlue’s key assets is their expert knowledge and experience, which is continually infused into Prism tools and techniques. The Prism 3.5 release includes general enhancements made to better analyze, visualize, and optimize performance issues during recent customer projects. In addition to its use inside CriticalBlue, Prism is deployed at CriticalBlue customer sites to permanently raise the performance optimization capabilities of product development teams.

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